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R & M Ostrich Farm

World-Wide Transporters of Proven Ostrich Breeders,Fertile Ostrich Eggs, Incubation and Hatching Equipment & Ostrich Feeds
World Wide Professional Consultation Services Are Available To New Investors

Fertile eggs packed in custom crate for shipping

R & M Ostrich Farms are professional worldwide providers of live ostrich, fertile ostrich eggs, and all needed incubation and hatching equipment, including worldwide sales and delivery of Bluebonnet Feeds, the highest quality and best value livestock feeds you can purchase to meet all the nutritional needs of your livestock (including ostrich). Yes, we can ship all of your livestock feed requirements worldwide!!

R & M Ostrich Farm is a state of the art ostrich facility that is capable of providing both domestic and international customers with a professional consultation service that will establish our clients in the ostrich industry quickly, professionally, skillfully and successfully.

Large stock of chicks for sale

Pre-Breeders for sales

We specialize in professionally assisting our world-wide clients to succeed in the ostrich industry by providing the following services:

  • The highest quality ostrich and ostrich eggs found anywhere in the world.
  • Worldwide sales and safe delivery of live ostrich, fertile ostrich eggs, incubation and hatching equipment, and all varieties of livestock feeds, including ostrich feed.
  • Professional World-Wide Consulting services to our clients in the design of ostrich facilities.
  • Professional staff training to assure skillfull and professionall care for their ostrich investments.

Proven Breeders for sales

World-Wide Delivery from Fertile Ostrich Eggs to Proven Ostrich Breeders
  • Hands on training programs to help our clients and their staff maximize their yearly ostrich production, and in turn, their rate of return on their investment in their ostrich operation.
  • Farm visits always welcome
  • Competitive pricing and quantity discounts.

If you are looking for an experienced ostrich provider that will professionally meet all of your ostrich needs, then you have found it with R & M Ostrich Farm. Family owned and operated since 1989.

For further information, or to set up a visit to our farm, feel free to contact us at:

R & M Ostrich Farm

401 Potomac Street

Taylor, Texas 76574

Phone: 1-512- 563-2651

Fax: 1-512-365-8924

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